State of Anchovy (anchovy) wrote,
State of Anchovy

Temporal distorion

They say you can't change the past, it's my site so I shall, In fact I have. For starter's I've started changing the old pages a bit and indeed the old strips. Of course to see new versions of Old strips keep an eye out here for links. Of course thanks to the wonders of time travel the old versions never happened and what you see has of course been there all the time and In stead of spending my time hunched over a desk I spent yesterday out in the sun because nothing needed fixing. Anything else that needs fixing will of course never have needed fixing shortly and I'm not going to be spending quite some time in a dark little room to get this archived over the next year ...or so.
At the risk of killing Douglas Adams who did this thing far better This link should handle any temporal distortions with the minimal of confusion.
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